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Pens by Merrily Made by Merrie

Just the right
twist of Artsy


For over 20 years, Merrie Buchsbaum has been creating innovative polymer designs.  Her award-winning creations have been sold around the world, but she is proud to call her products "handmade in America."  Merrie's newest designs include writing instruments, styluses and journals. Merrie is known for her incredible sense of color and intricate mosaic patterns. Merrie looks to what she loves most to create her new pieces; this is especially true for her Garden Collection where she found inspiration in the beauty of her extensive garden. The pens in this new collection are vibrant in color, rich in texture, and include real pieces of organic materials like lavender, roses and hydrangeas.  These pens are bursting with life and make you appreciate the true beauty of the ingredient that inspired each design. Merrie has also introduced a line of gourmet pens, inspired by her love of gastronomical pleasures. Each pen in the Gourmet Collection is infused with edible ingredients from coffee beans to grapes; a perfect gift for any coffee-lover or wine aficionado!   Everyone will appreciate the look and feel of Merrie's bold and beautiful new pens and styluses.  With numerous motifs and styles to choose from, they make the perfect gift for a friend, loved one or just for YOU!
Merrie's Americana Collection is her oldest and best-selling line.  The patriotic designs in this collection have been sold at the Smithsonian Institute Museum Shop of American History and featured on the CBS Early Show.  Whether it is a lapel pin for your father or a pair of earrings for your favorite teacher, every American needs to own a piece of Merrie's Americana Collection!
For an extra special delight, come visit Merrie at an art show and see why her work is so unique and a treat for the senses.
Pens by Merrily Made by Merrie