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I'm so excited to be a recipient of this years Eileen Fisher woman's grant. I was introduced to the the grant in September of 2012. I applied for it when it became available in March of 2013. In September of 2013 I found out I was a finalist !! I was very surprised. A month later I had in-person interview with the grant committee at their headquarters in NY. A few weeks later they called to announce that I had won. I was literally jumping up and down with the entire committee while talking to the them on the phone. Wow!

A little bit about the grant: it is for innovative women owned businesses that are eco-minded, socially-conscious, and committed to sustainability. The grant is a "gift" to be spent on your business how you see fit. In addition, the five grant winners will spend a weekend in NYC with other recipients and learn business tools from the Eileen Fisher team.

I am looking forward to making improvements to my business and expanding on ideas that I have yet to bring to the marketplace. I am greatly appreciative for this opportunity and hopeful for the places I have yet to go!!