June 12, 2012

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The peonies are just amazing this spring. If you did not know already, I love peonies. Their fragrance is simply perfect. Not all peonies smell, but the ones I have in my garden do!! YUM!  The roses are gorgeous too. The ones in the vase are from the Knock Rose Series- double pink as well as David Austin’s Queen Elizabeth. I have many kinds of roses in the garden. I’m new to roses and I’m trying all kinds out. Any advice for removing the bugs would be helpful. The little purple spiky flowers are Cardona salvia. It’s a great little workhorse in the garden. I love it. The silver leafy flower is called Silver King, it has an interesting scent and fuzzy leaf.  Today I tried to make as many bouquets as possible because the peonies are blooming and I think is supposed to rain later in the week. This is the 6th big bouquet I made today.