March 24, 2012

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Wow, what can I say. The Galapagos is an amazing place. You definitely need to go visit. I couldn’t believe all the different animals, plants and geological differences there are among the islands. Everyday was a new adventure. I definitely couldn’t just pick one favorite moment. But this one here is one of them. I had been swimming all morning with the sea lions. They are the funniest creatures. They just want to play. Everything I did they wanted to do. Later in the afternoon, I sat on the beach as the sea lions had their nap. Well, they did not exactly nap, they kept trying to inch their way into my lap. Like they were going to fit !! Look at the size of them. Needless to say, they smiled at me, sniffed me, blew me kisses and were doing silly things to get my attention. Another amazing moment was when the Captain of the sailboat told us the boat was cleared with the officials to visit the active volcano. (this is something very rare!! Wow, was I excited for the opportunity)…. There are no word to describe what I saw, what I heard, what I felt. We were literally 15 feet from the hot lava as it poured into the ocean waters….steam, hissing, bubbling. All afternoon we visited the flows. Night fell and we still visited the flows on the water’s edge. Simply awe-inspiring. My last memory of the day was laying in bed looking at the volcano in the distance and talking on the boat- house-phone with the captain who was sitting on bridge at 1AM……he was telling me stories about volcanoes. I’ll never forget the experience.