In the Garden

When I bought my property years ago I thought to myself, “yup, the grass has got to go…make way for the flowers”. Many years later and endless wheelbarrows full of grass, hours of planning, digging and mulching- I now have my gardens. I never thought of myself as a flower-aholic if there ever was such a thing, but I confess, I adore flowers. Pink, purple, blue, yellow, and white flowers are my favorite. But what kind of flowers you ask, well, I’m still experimenting. A perennial garden is a work in progress, much like art is. It’s all about my mood, the weather, plant location, soil, bugs,my patience level, the critters who like to eat everything- oh there are numerous variables. At the moment I am shifting my garden to be more about texture, heights, ease of care and long blooming perennials. With that said, I am still trying out roses, which are not exactly easy since I have an organic garden and I don’t want to use chemicals. Hence, when the Japanese beetles arrive, which they do every year, I’m out there hand picking them and wishing them nasty thoughts to leave. None-the-less, I am still trying new plants every year.


In preparing my gardening I thought, okay, this is going to be easy, pick a plant, put it in and that’s it. Nope.  Caring for the plants is just part of gardening, but moving the plants around so they look just right, dividing them, finding the right combinations of color and heights with their bloom times as well as adjusting for the soil conditions and light is mind- boggling…..but I LOVE IT !!  Gardening is fun, relaxing, so rewarding and something I get to enjoy almost everyday here in the northeast. During the winter months I look over my plans and seek out new plants. If you have never tried gardening, give it a try. It’s definitely worth it. Who knew when I bought my house years ago I would be known today as THE GARDEN LADY in town . Who knew my gardens would bring endless joy to my town. I do it because I love it and it’s part of who I am. If you are ever in town, drop by; I’ll give you a tour.