Product Information

What is the pen made out of? 

The pen is made out of polymer. A polymer is a form of plastic and the kind I use and is for the arts. It’s durable and washable with a damp cloth. It will not fad or change color. If your pen has a great deal of white in it, over time the white will gray a little bit if your hands are particularly oily. This is normal.  

How do you make the tiny mosaic patterns? 

The short answer-- very carefully: with time, patients and with the right temperatures. 

The process of making the patterns involves layering, folding, shaping and reducing a motif by stretching. Then reworking the smaller same motif by stacking and repeating it to create a more complex pattern. Many patterns have numerous colors and too many pieces for me to count.

How long do the patterns take to make?

The time it takes to make a pattern can vary. It depends on how many colors I need to make, how much I am going to make, the complexity of the pattern and the temperature. And of course my mood! I would say on average a pattern takes 3-5 hours. I keep my patterns on file, but I rarely make the same pattern over and over again; if I do, it’s not an exact. Remember, I’m handcrafting each one, there are no machines to duplicate what I do.  

Can you make a special pattern or logo for my pen?

The answer is yes and no. It’s best to call me or email me your ideas. I’m open to new ideas and to the possibility of making something different. 

Can the pen be engraved?

Sorry the pen can not be engraved. But you can have a wooden boxed engraved at your local jewelry store. 

How do I clean my pen if it gets dirty?

My pens are easy to keep clean. Simply wipe them a damp cloth. Mind soap on the cloth is fine too. If you want to shine the polymer part of the pen rub that area on a pair of jeans, it works!!  You can also use mink oil for leather in clear- Kiwi makes a great product. If you use something like that simply wipe it on lightly with a cloth and buff out.  

What is a garden pen?

A garden pen is made from ingredients from my organic gardens. I am a flower nut!! Throughout the growing season I cut flowers and collect botanicals from my garden that I dry. Once they are dehydrated, I grind the ingredient up and combine it with a transparent polymer. Once the pen is completed, you actually see and feel the plant matter from my garden. In essences, you are holding onto a little piece of my garden. How cool is that!!!  

What devices does the stylus work with?

I have been trying the stylus on just about every touch screen device. So far it’s worked on all the screen devices.  With that said, if you have added an extra thick clear protective coating to your device then it may not work as well on your screen. 

Can I get a replacement tip for the stylus?

Yes. You can find them in the shop part of my site under.